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Mindfulness to relax your feelings

I came to see Paul to help with my claustrophobia, which had worsened in recent years.
The sessions were so helpful. I learnt some invaluable tools to help me overcome my fears.  I would highly recommend Paul, he was always professional, kind and challenged me to think differently. 
I have recently been able to face my biggest fear and go in a lift, which I would not have been able to do before the sessions. 
Overcoming my claustrophobia completely will be an ongoing process but I feel the sessions have given me a great foundation, and have changed the way I approach situations which I would have once found unbearable.  Thank you for all of your help and support. K.V. Stevenage.
If you suffer with a fear or phobia we CAN help
Paul Allenby has been providing effective therapy since 1997 and has gained a wealth of experience in helping people in this area.
The combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and exposure therapy can make a real difference to how you cope.
Check over the pages on this website to see how our private therapy sessions can help you take back control.
Therapy for fears and phobias
When you’re afraid or anxious, you experience a variety of uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as a racing heart and a suffocating feeling.
These physical sensations can be frightening themselves and a large part of what makes your phobia so distressing.
However, by learning how to calm yourself down quickly, you can become more confident in your ability to tolerate uncomfortable sensations and face your fears.

A close friend mentions to you that there is going to be a school reunion. You immediately sense the fear and your social anxiety peaks. What do you do? You know that logically meeting with people you grew up with would be an enjoyable thing to experience.
Become aware of the physical sensation of fear or panic in your body.

When you are being mindful of your physical sensations in your stomach, chest and face. Become aware of your rapid heart and breathing rate. Observe if your fists or jaw are clenched.

Rather than trying to fight the fear you will learn to breathe into the physical sensations of your body. Mindfulness breathing involves observing the sensations of the breath as it enters and leaves your nose as well as the physical sensations of breathing from the diaphragm. This helps to refocus on the present moment of the breath rather than following the irrational fear.
Notice your thoughts.

Thoughts like ‘it’s not fair’ or ‘I’m not having this’ feed your fear. Our mindfulness approach will help you to notice what effect there is by letting go of these thoughts. The breath focus helps you to achieve this.
Step back.

Rather following your autopilot habit of response, you will learn to take a step back from your internal experiences. Mindfulness helps you to become the observer of your thoughts and emotions and not the thoughts and emotions themselves.

As soon as the main force of your fear has dissipated, you will be better placed to expose yourself to the anxiety provoking situation with the knowledge that you can manage the feelings associated with it rather than running from it.
Mindfulness relaxing breathing
Here’s how:
Many people go about managing their fears, phobias, panic and anxiety the wrong way. People generally try to push the thoughts away or busy themselves using avoidance to manage the physical feelings they experience but this only adds to the belief that the object of the fear is a true response.
The key to our therapy to manage fears and anxiety is to help our clients learn how to refocus their awareness and relax their mind.
We help people to learn to relax with specific breathing exercises.
Focus on the breath
You will learn how to relax your mind by being able to focus on your breathing. Mindful breathing is more than just taking a deep breath. You will learn how to focus your awareness on the physical sensations of the breath in and out of your nose and breathing from the diaphragm.
With regular practice, you will learn how to focus on your breath and the relaxing effects of this rather than following the your thoughts and physical sensations of the fear and anxiety.
This process will help you to successfully manage your fears with our exposure therapy.
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